What Is Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing business is a business type that is already very popular among urban people. Today there are many online traders who run this business because they do not need to create their own products, it is quite easy to do, and offers many potential benefits. In this modern era, there are more and more new businesses are developing. Formerly a business model like this was known as a realtor or intermediary business. Brokers or intermediaries usually sell other people’s products and take advantage of price differences. Now, by utilizing the internet network the selling process becomes easier, so an online broker or commonly called an affiliate marketer is a promising business that anyone could do. However, you might want to take wealthy affiliates training available to make sure you could do it properly.


Affiliate marketing is a business with a system of sharing commissions from companies that run the business of buying and selling goods or services. The online broker has the right to get a percentage commission from the price of the item every time he successfully sells the merchant’s product. As mentioned before, in fact, this system has been around for a long time. People sell other people’s products and are given a commission if they sell their products. With nowadays technology this process could be done easier and faster. The way the affiliate business works are quite simple, first, the affiliate marketer sends as many visitors as possible to the merchant’s website by using a special link that is only owned by the broker. When there is a sale from that particular link, the broker will get a commission according to the one specified by the merchant. As long as the visitor’s cookies are not deleted, then when the visitor buys another item, the commission will still be given to the broker.

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