Virtual Private Server or VPS Function

Do you know the VPS function? if you want to build a website you have to know the VPS function because it is very important for the web that you will build. If you want to know about the VPS function just read the article below. Before that, you can visit our website to get free vps from vpswala.

The following are some functions that can be used using VPS:

– Web Hosting

One popular use is to provide web hosting. Virtual Private Servers are very appropriate for mid-level and corporate websites, where applications need specific arrangements and can only be done by Super-user. This usage is also suitable for starting a web hosting business with a limited budget but with quality services.

– Backup Server

The backup server needs to ensure that the service is always running normally is very important. This backup server can include websites, emails, files, and databases. All of these services are in separate physical and logical conditions so as to minimize damage or loss of data.

– Application Hosting

With Virtual Private Servers, it is possible to build custom mission-critical software without having to pay too much. Outsourcing development applications have also become a trend to save costs so that investment is much more efficient.

– Development / Test Environments

Virtual Private Servers also help to carry out a series of development testing efficiently, some operating systems and public IP addresses can easily be done, remote connections to reboot and replacement of interfaces can be done quickly, just like having 1 rack full of testing servers.

– Educational Outpost

Virtual Private Servers make the event to experiment with UNIX Operating Systems with a variety of distributions at once. Making the experiment process more diverse and easier to compare.

– As a file server or storage server where we can store files and data either through FTP, or HTTP.

– As a remote desktop server, where we can download and upload files remotely, run forex applications, bot/robot & automation, spinner.

– As a host server for VPN and Tunneling.

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