The versatile hand grinding machine

A hand grinding machine is a machine that functions to grind workpieces. Initially, the grinding machine was only intended for workpieces of tough metals such as stainless steel & iron. Grinding can be purposed to sharpen workpieces such as knives and chisels, or it can also aim to form workpieces such as tidying cutting results, smoothing welds, forming curves on angled workpieces, preparing the workpiece surface to be welded, and so on. Aside from that, go to if you’re looking for the recommended and trusted angle grinder reviews, so you can know which brand that suits your needs.

Grinding machines are designed to produce speeds of around 11000-15000 rpm. With this speed, grinder stone, which is the composition of aluminum oxide with the right roughness and hardness, can grind the metal surface so as to produce the desired shape. With that speed too, grinding machines can also be used to cut metal objects using grinding stones specifically for cutting. To find out the composition of the grinding stone content that is suitable for the workpiece can be seen in the article on grinding stone specifications.

In general, hand grinding machines are used to grind or cut metal, but by using suitable stones or eyes we can also use grinding machines on other workpieces such as wood, concrete, ceramics, tile, brick, natural stone, glass, etc. However, before using a hand grinding machine for non-metal workpieces, it is also necessary to ensure that we use it properly because the use of hand grinding machines for non-metal workpieces generally have a greater risk. For that we need to use work safety equipment such as eye protection, nose protection (masks), gloves, and also need to use hand handles that are usually provided by grinding machines. Not all hand grinding machines provide hand handles because machines that do not provide hand handles are usually not recommended for use on non-metallic workpieces.

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