Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Clean Your AC

If you use air conditioning at home, surely one day you need a maintenance and cleaning process so that the air conditioner remains functioning properly, durable and durable. For this reason, in the process of maintenance and cleaning special attention and handling is needed, and cannot be careless so that there is no damage to your AC. Aside from that, call the best aircon repair singapore when your AC must be repaired quickly aircon repair singapore.

You can use a vacuum cleaner, duster, and dry cloth to help you clean the air conditioner at home. The first thing you have to do is to turn off and unplug the AC from the electrical connection to avoid risk. It’s because water is an object which has a good electrical conductivity which can endanger you.

Clean the front cover of your air conditioner with a duster first to all the outside. Next, you can wipe it by using a cloth in a half-wet state. Do wiping thoroughly to remove the remaining dust. Do not forget to do the wiping again by using a dry cloth to lift water vapor so as not to cause patches of dry water vapor so that it will contaminate your AC cover.

Then you must look for a user guide on how to open and also clean the filter section, and read it carefully beforehand so you can understand it well. If you understand well, clean the dust that is lodged in the AC filter using a vacuum cleaner. You can also do it by using a small, clean brush. Well, the process can be done according to your convenience, vacuum cleaner or brush is the same.

Then wash the AC filter section using clean water and dishwashing soap. Don’t forget to rinse it completely clean so you don’t work twice. After that all you have to do is lean the filter on the outer wall of the house directly exposed to the sun, to get the maximum drying results. Don’t forget to do wiping to make sure there is no water and dust left.

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