These Are Some Types of Crime on the Internet Many People Still Rarely Know

You must often hear about hackers or hacking. This activity is indeed often a criminal activity in cyberspace and the internet. This crime is the most common crime and is most often heard by many people. In fact, in addition to these activities, there are many criminal activities carried out on the internet. So, it’s no wonder that many people now use multi factor authentication for each of their accounts multi factor authentication.

Actually, there are many types of crimes on the internet that are rarely known by many people. Besides hacking, you need to know some types of crime on the internet that are still rarely known by many people.

– Defacing
This internet crime works by changing a page on another party’s website or website. Usually because of disappointment, and this is not fatal. In the sense that it is not too detrimental. There are several cases of defacing that occur on government sites such as the Minister of Communication and Information, BI, KPU, and many more. Sites that are affected by defacing can usually be restored quickly.

– Phishing
Phishing is actually an activity that works to deceive internet users so that they unconsciously want to provide information on their personal data (username) and password. This crime is deceptive and is usually directed to electronic banking users (internet banking). The unconscious data was finally utilized by phishing spreaders for adverse purposes.

– Spamming
Spamming is the activity of sending unwanted messages or advertisements via email or e-mail. Delivery of the message is usually insistent, so it is not surprising if the message goes to the spam folder. There are various kinds of spam messages that usually enter our e-mail, such as in the name of getting a prize, lottery, or someone who claims to have an account in a country, and so on.
There has been a case of a spammer being arrested and threatened with facing BUI, and subject to sanctions paying a fine of US $ 230 million for mail marketing spam cases.

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