Tools Commonly Used by Analysts in Laboratories

Working in a laboratory requires more skills than others. the number of tools does not mean that an analyst can use them carelessly. They must be careful and use the equipos de laboratorio in accordance with their functions. That is why an analyst must take special education in order to be able to use the equipos de laboratory correctly. Because misuse in the laboratory can lead to fatal accidents.

As an analyst, they must use a lot of equipment in their work. Here is some laboratory equipment that analysts must master:

– Erlenmeyer pumpkin
Erlenmeyer flasks are useful for storing and heating solutions. Erlenmeyer flasks are also used to hold filtrate as a result of filtration, to hold titrant (titrated solution) during the titration process. This Erlenmeyer flask has two types that are closed and those that are not. Erlenmeyer with a lid is often used to be connected to distillation, or other tools or can be used to keep the solution from being exposed to air contact.

– Durham tube
The Durham tube is a tube that has the same shape as a test tube but has a smaller size than a test tube. Serves to accommodate the microorganism fermentation in the form of gas. In its use, the Durham tube is placed upside down in a larger test tube and the tube is then filled with a liquid medium. After being thoroughly sterilized and the medium is cold, inoculation can be done. If the bacteria grown in the media does produce gas, the gas will appear as a bubble at the base of the Durham tube.

– Beaker Glass
Beaker glass or often called a beaker is used to measure the volume of solution that does not require high accuracy. The glass beaker can hold chemicals, mix, and heat liquids. We can find beaker glass in various volume sizes from 10 mL to 10 l.

– Graduated Cylinder
Useful for measuring the volume of a liquid, such as an Erlenmeyer flask, a measuring cup has several choices based on its volume scale.

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