These are the Three Causes Why Your Remote Air Conditioner Does Not Work

Many people use air conditioners in their homes. This is because the air in their area is always hot and requires tools that can provide coolness in their homes. The air conditioner is a very appropriate tool to use. However, the air conditioner that you use must also be kept clean. You have to do aircon servicing so that the cleanliness of the air conditioner can be maintained properly.

Many people complain that they cannot turn on or turn off their air conditioner using the remote air conditioner. This can happen due to several causes.

1. Sensor Air conditioner is exposed to water
Before it was washed, the air conditioner could be switched on using the remote, then after being served by the air conditioner it could not, maybe this sensor eye on the air conditioner was exposed to water when you washed the air conditioner.
It is expected to remain calm and release the eyes of the sensor of the air conditioner. Then wipe the eye of the sensor with a soft cloth or you can also dry it in the sun.

2. Remote air conditioner does not work
If the AC cannot be turned on using the remote, it could also be because the remote itself is damaged.
How do you know whether the AC remote is working or not? The method is quite easy, namely by using a cellphone camera. Now, follow the steps below.
– Navigate the remote where the led lights are on the cell phone’s camera.
– Press any remote button.
– Pay attention to your cell phone screen, if when you press one of the buttons on the remote and on the cell phone screen you show a LED light on, meaning that the remote is in a normal condition.

3. Damaged to the Sensor air conditioner
The damage to the air conditioner sensor is due to a break in the IC (Integrated Circuit). In addition, it can be caused by the age of the sensor has been long, so the response to capture signals from the remote is also reduced. This can also cause the air conditioner to die and turn on.

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