Therapy for Overcoming Herpes

Antiviral herpes skin medication is prescribed for patients who experience the first episode of genital herpes. For recurrent episodes, doctors will usually recommend episodic therapy and suppressive therapy that also uses antiviral drugs. In addition, you can also use herpes Virus Supplements that we offer on our website.

The following are some therapies to treat herpes:

– Episodic therapy
If you experience six recurrences within a year, your doctor will recommend episodic therapy. In episodic therapy, you will be asked to continue taking antiviral herpes drugs for several days after the first sign of infection is seen. It aims to accelerate healing and even prevent infection. This therapy usually helps to shorten herpes symptoms that usually occur for a long time. Because each skin herpes drug from this class of antiviral is different in absorption and effectiveness, the dosage usually varies. But generally, you will be prescribed one to five pills every day for three to five days after the infection has struck.

– Suppressive therapy
Meanwhile, suppressive therapy is usually used for people who experience recurrence as much as six times a year. This therapy can reduce symptoms at least up to 75 percent when you take antiviral drugs. Usually, this skin herpes medication is consumed to eliminate and suppress symptoms. This therapy is considered quite safe and effective. Generally, the dosage given varies according to conditions from one to two pills per day.

In addition to a doctor’s care, you can also find various natural herpes medications at home. Various natural herpes medications, home remedies, and lifestyle changes can be done to help overcome herpes simplex or zoster. You can combine various home remedies and natural herpes remedies with your doctor’s care. The reason is using home remedies and natural herpes medications alone is not enough. Therefore, you need to combine doctor care with home care and natural herpes medicine to help alleviate and eliminate symptoms.

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