Before Swimming with Sharks, Know the Facts on This One

The sea is known as a vast nature. One of the most interesting natural elements compared to forests and mountains. The beauty of the sea can always sedate anyone who loves it, coral reefs, fish, seaweed and scenery that can make anyone’s eyes comfortable to see especially if the reflection of the water there is clear blue. This will be an attraction for people who come to the sea. This advantage is then used as a means of tourism, developed to provide knowledge about the sea and the biota in it. Ordinary maritime tourism people name it. This tour is nothing but a very interesting tour, not only sitting on the beach but also we will be invited to swim with marine biota. Direct contact, being near them, meeting them and feeling how their presence is summarized in a tourist agenda called swimming with whale sharks. From the name, maybe you will think twice about doing this. You might think that sharks will kill you when you swim with them.

Take it easy, it won’t happen. Because there are two factors that will support your safety, you will not swim alone. A guide will be provided who has experience in this tour, and meeting sharks will be the most unforgettable agenda as long as you live. Second, all you have to know is the fact that sharks attack humans is impossible, or in their case almost never happens. According to research conducted by NOAA, there are only a dozen species of sharks that attack humans from 300 species of sharks that exist. Another fact that you have to know is that sharks don’t eat humans.

If someone asks, why don’t sharks eat humans? The answer is because sharks have existed since ancient times and have evolved from time to time so humans are not part of their food. Then what is shark food? Now that’s the purpose of this tour because it is to introduce shark food, namely mammals and small marine biota around it. So don’t be afraid to have a nice experience with sharks!

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