Short term disadvantages of divorce on children

When you hear the news about getting divorced, you probably directly feel curious whether the couple has any child. Moreover, if it happens to your close friend, you probably feel so much sorry for the couples and the children. In this case, children seem to be the main concern in the process of divorce. Besides their status after the process, you should also pay attention to the psychological condition of the children. Besides finding divorce lawyers, children’s condition is supposed to be your concern when you believe in that getting divorces seems to be your best decision as you cannot take your marriage anymore.

Your children are not supposed to be the victim of your decision to get divorced. It is not their fault that makes both of you get divorced. Thus, you must feel guilty as your children’s psychological condition gets affected. In this case, you can identify whether your children get affected or not based on some effects. There are two types of effects that your children possibly suffer. The first is short term effect while the second is long term effect. In this occasion, you are about to know the short term effect only.

Your children are going to suffer from the short term effect as you find them in anxiety, constant stress, mood swings, intense sadness, disillusion and distress. It is normal that you children will feel quite anxious as they are going to live with one of their parents. As they get used to live with two parents, it is normal that they feel worried that they cannot take to live with only one of them.

For some children that feel given a lot of thoughts on their parents’ divorce, they tend to feel what their parents feel. In this case, they feel burdened with the situation.

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