Here Are Some Reasons Why Vinyl Record Is Wanted Again By Many People

The vinyl record are indeed one of the objects that used to be popular. In fact, until now, there are still many people who use these objects. Some of them even make these objects as their collections. However, a record, of course, requires the right turntable to be able to play it. If you are looking for the turntable, please read it. You have to get the right turntable to be able to rotate the vinyl record with clear sound quality.


Actually, the popularity of vinyl record in the present is not without reason. There are a number of reasons why many people are looking for it again. Some of the reasons are

– sound quality
Believe it or not, vinyl record provides more ‘real’ and natural sound quality. Because the recording process is done in analog. Musical instruments that are recorded in analog, will sound more natural because our ears work in analog too. Unlike CDs that don’t record waves. CD only records digital data in the form of numbers 0 and 1. These numbers will represent frequency. But it is not the actual frequency. It’s the same as you play Lego. You can make shapes that resemble anything, but you can’t really resemble the original. Vinyl record is not clearer than a CD, but the sound feels more natural

– Collectible
Every item that is collectible must have high economic value. Even though the latest music recordings are still being released in the form of vinyl record, it was the old record that was most hunted by people. Usually a rarely used item. The prices is always expensive.

– Have high artistic value
In addition to having a clear sound quality, vinyl record also has a unique and appropriate cover to collect. It will be very suitable for decorating a room at a cafe, or at home. Not only the cover, sometimes the broken vinyl record is still bought by people for decoration.

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