This Is the Reason Why Insurance Claims Are Rejected

Having an accident on a highway is indeed not something that is fun and can only make you experience a considerable loss. There are a lot of people who have suffered losses due to accidents on the highway. For this reason, in order to avoid these losses, it’s a good idea to use the services of personal injury lawyers so that you can make claims to the insurance that you use when the claim is experiencing obstacles.

In some cases, the insurance company can indeed prevent you from making claims against the accident that you submitted. For that, you also have to know what is the reason behind this condition. Some reasons you should know are

1. Material misrepresentation
This is the main reason why life insurance companies reject customers’ claims. Where you have given a statement or the giving of wrong and inappropriate information to reality.
Information provided can be in the form of medical history, job risk, monthly income, and so on. For example, a customer previously said on a registration form that he had no symptoms or dangerous medical history such as heart disease.

2. Died because of yourself
Indeed, the company will provide the benefits of their products if the customer dies from an accident or accident.
However, don’t get me wrong, they can also reject claims if you die because of your own mistakes. Loh, what’s the difference with suicide? For example, the case of the death of someone who died due to an accident on the highway. However, this happened because he was driving at a speed that was above average and not in accordance with the procedure. Indeed, his death happened accidentally, but the action was done intentionally.

3. Suicide
In addition to giving wrong information, companies also often reject life insurance claims if the holder of the agreement commits suicide.
For example, if the insured family member submits benefits for the death of the policy owner. But after checking, it turns out that the customer is proven to have committed suicide which made him die, then UP will not be given.

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