These Are Property Investment Tips For Beginners

Location is one of the determinants when you want to buy a house. Many people decide to buy a house because of its strategic location. Therefore, location is a major factor for some people when buying a house. The location also affects the selling price of a house because the location is access to various places, such as transportation, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and so on. Meanwhile, if you require a reliable conveyancer’s service, just check out the most recommended conveyancing specialist near your area.

Availability of Funds

Cost is also one of the determinants of people in buying a property. In addition to the basic costs, there are extra costs that are mandatory. Sometimes the amount that does little to surprise a layman is just the first time buying.

Property purchase costs that are the obligation of the buyer include:

Sign money – usually determined by the developers. But if you buy a property not through a developer, but a secondary market, then the money can be determined by the property seller. Signaling is a form of clarity that you buy a house, such as booking or booking fees.

Down Payment – The next obligation if indeed you buy a house, is to pay off the down payment if you buy it to the developer. Whereas if through the secondary market, the amount of down payment ranges from 20 – 50% and this is generally determined by the bank concerned.

Installments – ideally each installment is no more than a third of your own salary or with a partner.

A Proven Reliable Developer

You should not believe in a developer who is already well-known, credible and bona fide. You still have to investigate by finding the right information. Experience is one of the levels of proficiency of a developer, at least choose those who have at least 5 years experience in the property sector.

Also, check the developer track record, is it timely at the time of handover? Is the previous housing quality? You can get this information through related websites or the closest people who already know him well.

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