How to Prevent a Fat Body After Quitting Smoking

You may have seen people who quit smoking and now become fat. Or maybe you have experienced body fat after stopping smoking? Don’t get me wrong. Quitting smoking will not necessarily make you gain weight. There are several other factors that cause you to become fat after so long no longer smoking. In many people, quitting smoking can even help you lose weight. Aside from that, you may try the hypnosis to smoking treatment as an alternative method to help you stop your smoking habit.

What causes fat after stopping smoking?

Weight gain after quitting smoking usually results from several factors in this condition:

You replace smoking with the habit of snacking.

Nicotine speeds up your body’s metabolism, so when you stop smoking, your metabolism will return to a more healthy normal pace, and in some people, it may cause weight gain.

In some people, nicotine can act as an appetite suppressant, so at the beginning, you stop smoking, your appetite returns to normal.

Tips for not getting fat after stopping smoking

But take it easy, if you can anticipate the things above, you can still stop smoking without getting fat afterward.

1. Stock food in the refrigerator

Fill your refrigerator with healthy eating like fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Do not store too many unhealthy snacks such as chips, biscuits, sweets, sweets, soft drinks, and fried foods. Try every time you are hungry, just eat a moderate portion, rather than snacking on unhealthy food.

2. Increase exercise

In addition to maintaining ideal body weight, exercise can also be a distraction from the feeling of wanting to smoke.

3. Choose healthy snacks

If you have to snack, please eat fruit and avoid cakes, sweets, and other sweet foods. Also, avoid fruit juice because it usually contains high sugar. Fresh fruit is better than fruit juice.

4. Avoid strict diets

A strict diet and hunger will only make you want to smoke more and instead will overeat when it’s time to eat. Do not let you deliberately not eat, especially breakfast.

5. Allocate cigarette money to healthy snacks

How much money do you spend per day or week to buy cigarettes? Try to collect the money and use it to buy favorite fruit or delicious healthy food.

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