Predicting Problems with Cars by Analyzing Strange Sounds in Cars

Sometimes, sound can be used to detect problems that exist in the car. Analyzing strange sounds in a car is one way to predict interference in your car. If there is a strange sound in the car it can indicate an error in the components in the car. Listen to your car. If you find the following sounds in your car, immediately check your car. Handling first can prevent more severe damage to the car. When you need a car service, you can visit our website and get our pick up and drop of car service.

1. The sound of iron that collides when braking

When this sound is heard in your car when braking, it means the brake caliper or other hardware is damaged, lost or installed improperly.

2. Flapping sound

Indicates something is happening in the fan section or the belt is broken.

3. Sound grinding on the manual transmission when changing gears

It could be a sign of a problem with the coupling. Because the clutch doesn’t fit or has been eroded. It could indicate a problem with the transmission.

4. A hissing sound under the hood

If it is heard when the engine is turned off, it means there is a leak in the car. Coolant or oil can be leaked and about the engine that is hot or the engine overheat.

5. The sound taps on the engine compartment

There is a myth that says there are advantages to using higher octane than those in the guidebook. However, using low-level fuel can produce a knock on the engine.

6. The sound of a loud bang

If there is an explosion or a loud knock on the exhaust, it can be too much air and fuel mixture. This also means the catalyst conversion doesn’t work well.

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