Why You Need to Do Tooth Scaling

Healthy and clean teeth can certainly increase your confidence. Not enough just to brush your teeth, there are many dental treatments you can do to maintain healthy teeth. One of them is scaling teeth. You can do that by visiting Cronulla Dental Centre.

Dental scaling is a tartar cleansing procedure using a device called an ultrasonic scaler. The tartar itself is a pile of plaque that has hardened and sticks to the teeth. Teeth make the appearance of the teeth become dull and unkempt, because the hard plaque covers the teeth with a brown-yellow layer, to black.

Unlike plaque that can be cleaned by brushing your teeth, tartar is not easy to clean in the same way. Scaling teeth can clean even very hard plaques. The special tool works to clean the sidelines to the innermost part of the teeth from the pile of tartar and the gum line which is usually difficult to reach with a toothbrush.

Scaling teeth not only clean teeth from plaque, but can also prevent some diseases. Here are some diseases caused by tartar:

– Dental problems

Teeth will be a place for various bacteria. These bacteria can cause a variety of dental problems, most commonly halitosis (smelly mouth), itchy gums, bleeding gums. In addition, acids released by bacteria can make cavities. The tartar can also erode the bone supporting the teeth and make the teeth shake even can be released.

– Gingivitis

Dental problems caused by tartar when underestimated will irritate and cause inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). This disease makes the gums red, swollen and easily bleeds.

– Periodontitis

If gingivitis is not treated, it will become more severe, known as periodontitis. This disease causes a distance between the gums and teeth called pockets. When the bag is filled with bacteria, the immune system naturally releases chemicals to fight the bacteria. The reaction of chemicals released by the body and bacteria can damage the bones of the teeth. Finally, the gums, gums and supporting tissues of the gums become destroyed.

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