Mistaken Myths About SEO That Need To Be Cautious

Having a blog and site that appears on the top page of the Google search engine is the hope of all bloggers and webmasters. Finally, they are competing to optimize their blog/site to be friendly in search engines or better known as SEO techniques. But apparently, many of the bloggers/webmasters do SEO with the wrong technique. This false myth about SEO will make the condition of the blog or site getting better, on the contrary, it will have a bad impact. You need to know, SEO techniques are long-term projects. You should not be satisfied just because your blog or site is in the top position of Google and finally stop the SEO technique that you use. Out there, your competitors are doing website optimization too, so if you stop then your site might disappear from Google’s top page circulation because it lost the competition. Some say backlinks from social media are not important and have nothing to do with SEO. Obviously, this is a false myth about SEO. Content that is widely shared on social media is more trusted and relevant content from authors and trusted sources will greatly affect Google search results. For this reason, you need the best partner in the world of SEO, New York SEO Company – Charles Brian International is ready to help and serve you whenever you need.

Lots of people think that the index of a large site on Google signifies that the site is getting better quality. Of course, this is a false myth about SEO. It’s legitimate if the bloggers use multiple tags in the hope that the tags will be indexed and can generate even greater traffic. But the problem is sometimes the keywords entered into the tags are not relevant to the content that can cause problems in the article in the search engine. The structure of the H1 tag that is usually used in site titles does have an important role in SEO. But imposing keywords in the H1 tag actually seems to be spam. The most important thing in SEO is the information that is available with the site page relevant to the topic discussed.

Backlinks are very good in SEO in determining the position of a blog or site in a search engine. But the problem is that if you only focus on backlinks like digging your own grave because of the number of links that point to the site but not necessarily relevant and quality. So instead of focusing too much on link building, it would be better if you devote your time and mind to creating quality content.

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