You May Try These Tips To Maintain Your Airsoft Guns

What are the tips for caring for an airsoft gun? Airsoft gun has become one of the favorite replica toys recently. Naturally, because these replica toys are designed in such a way that they are very similar to real weapons. When playing airsoft games, a sensation appeared as if using a real firearm, very adrenaline.

As for only good and proper maintenance, your airsoft gun unit can be more durable and still comfortable to use. With routine maintenance, the unit is certainly not easily jammed and its accuracy is maintained.


So, how to treat it well? The following are given what may and may not be done in the use of an airsoft gun, especially the type of airsoft gas gun. Read the following tips so you can take care of your airsoft gun:

Charging Magazine

Immediately stop the charging magazine activity if the gas found begins to spill. Before starting to be refilled, make sure to warm the magazine at room temperature for about 5-6 minutes.

Spend the rest of the gas

When you want to use up the remaining gas on the magazine, avoid pressing the metal button on the top or back of the magazine. It’s because this will only make the seal wear out faster and the O-Ring freezes until it is permanently damaged.

Avoid Use During Cold Weather

When cold weather avoids using an airsoft gas gun. Because it can make slides not cycle perfectly. Not only that. Airsoft gas gun also can’t shoot perfectly and gas runs out faster.

Using Quality BB

Tips for caring for the next airsoft gun if you want the airsoft gas gun to the last longer, make sure to use a quality BB. Because the low-quality BB even makes the BB jammed in the mag well. BB 0.12 g is not recommended for high-end airsoft because it can cause permanent damage.

Remember To Give Lubricants

On slides and parts that move, make sure to remember to lubricate the silicone oil. Choose 100% silicone oil as a safe lubricant for rubber or plastic parts. Avoid using Hoppes # 9, WD-40, or other lubricants because it can make your airsoft gas gun break faster.

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