Making sure the paint lasts for a long time

The first thing to do to make the color of wall paint stay durable is to do a cleaning on the surface of the wall to be re-coated. You can do this by using a soft cloth that is given a little water and soap with a safe formula. If there are black stains or streaks on the wall surface, you can use a special eraser that can remove stains on the wall. Apart from that, don’t hesitate to hire a professional painter if you don’t have enough experience and skill to paint your house by yourself.

Begin the cleaning step by spraying water on the wall surface using a spray bottle so that the wall surface is not too wet. Then rub gently to eliminate the remaining dirt. When the surface of the wall is clean and dry, you can coat the paint so that the color lasts longer and the paint is not easy to peel off.

Repair the wall area that has damage

If there is some damage to the wall area in your homes such as a large scratch or even a large enough hole, the thing you have to do is fix it immediately. If you damage the surface of the wall you can still repair it yourself, immediately fix it by using the adequate equipment. If if the damage cannot be repaired by yourself, it would be better to ask for help from a professional repairman to overcome the problem of damage to the wall.

Damage to the wall and how to fix it, of course, depends on the texture of the wall whether the wall surface is smooth, slippery, or rather rough.

Match paint to the surface of the wall

When you want to coat the surface of the paint with new paint, of course, you cannot immediately apply new paint without making preparations first. Look at the color of your old paint then choose a color to coat the surface of the wall which of course matches so that the appearance doesn’t look re-coated. You do not have to choose the same color of paint because given the color gradation of paint on the surface of the wall, wouldn’t that be more interesting?

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