Many people say that design is relative, why? because, for example: for some people, a lot of color websites are nice and interesting, but for some people, it looks rather bad and tacky. Some say minimalism is good, but some mock minimalism as a mediocre design. There will be no end to the debate because the perspective of people is different. You can learn more about it by visiting our website.

But there are certain factors that will influence people’s views about a website design will look good. At least we as Web Designers must successfully convey the contents of the main messages on the website that we make. That is the basic goal that must be achieved by website makers. Here are some important things that must be considered:

1. Good Website Navigation System

However, the navigation system is the main weapon of a website, if the navigation system is not good (placement and shape), visitors will be confused, lost, difficult to find the information he is looking for. So, regardless of the form of design you make, make this navigation system as well as possible, so that it is easily accessible to visitors and easy to understand the flow.

2. Consistent in terms of Branding / Logo

Website logo and name, this includes important things in a website, so make this as well as possible, no matter what your design form, place a logo in a place that is easily seen because this is the main identity of the website created. Don’t let the client not know whose website this website opened. In addition to the correct placement, consistency in placement or position must also be considered, avoiding the position of the logo/brand or the identity of the company moving positions. For example on the logo index in the top left, on the other page is on the top right. The problem of Branding is usually related to the color of the website, the color of the website usually refers to the color of the brand/logo. So make it consistent in this section.

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