Do You Know that Arung Jeram has Competition?

Rafting or also known as arung jeram is a water sport. However, not all arung jeram can be categorized as a sport. Dufan also has an arung jeram. But, arung jeram dufan is not made for sport. Arung jeram dufan is only made more just for fun. But for the one who wants to try how arung jeram feel, you may try this arung jeram.

As mentioned before, arung jeram or rafting is a water sport. Therefore, this water sport also has a competition. There are 3 categories for rafting competition. There are downriver, slalom, and sprint.

As we all know, all competition must have rules. Same like others sports competition, this extreme water sport also has rules. Some of them are, first, the participants must be able to maintain the balance of their boat. Because if their boat turn upside down, they will be educated. The participants not allowed to do a physical contact between boats. Their boat can be touched by each other but they are not allowed to crash others boat.

Next, the participants not allowed to inhibit others participants who want to catch up on purpose. The participants also asked to help the committee to bring all the equipment.
Each category in this competition also has their own rules. For example, in slalom, the participant can’t touch or move the obstacles on purpose. When passing by the obstacles, the participants must be complete. The participants also have to pass by the obstacles, they can’t skip or avoid the obstacles.

Actually, any kind of sports has their own requirement, rules, and standard. So, you have to meet the requirements if you want to join the rafting competition. For those who want to play or want to try rafting or arung jeram but not brave enough, you may try arung jeram dufan. Arung jeram dufan is using an artificial river.

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