The Interesting Things About UK

When hearing the word the United Kingdom or the UK, what comes to mind most people are usually English. In fact, there are many other states that can explore this kingdom. Now, before telling more about UK beauty, we compare the first perception of this country. You must have the reason why you live in the UK so you decide to take b1 test discover more here.

The United Kingdom consists of four states covering the UK whose capital is London, Scotland which has the capital city of Edinburgh, Northern Ireland with the capital city of Belfast and Wales whose capital is Cardiff. So the UK is not just England, it’s not just London. Many other states and cities are equally beautiful and interesting to visit.

Big Ben is one of London’s most famous landmarks. It feels less like going to London not to visit Big Ben. Like visiting Paris without going to the Eiffel Tower or visiting Rome, not to the Tower of Pisa. When I visited the Clock Tower in Bukittinggi I was informed that the Jam Gadang machine had an exact twin and that it was a machine inside the Big Ben clock. Just getting curious to visit this place.

If you always take a taxi, then you have to know this before you use a taxi in London. Cab or taxi in London is quite unique. In addition to its small and antique shape, it is also mostly black. It’s different from taxis in other countries. There are many other colors but still, look funny and unique. It feels obligatory to go to London to try this public transportation besides the legendary Double Decker Bus.

English Premier League is the best soccer league in the world. Imagine, a lower level club can beat a championship team or a top team. As happened recently, Liverpool was held back by mid-table club Crystal Palace, which closed the opportunity to become Premier League champions. In addition, the Premier League is also a friend of singles because their match which aired on Saturday night was an entertainer amid solitude.

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