The Importance of Fast Website Loading

Having a website is a must for companies that want to compete in marketing in the digital world. The website helps companies to strengthen brand awareness among internet users. It’s just that the website that is owned is not just an ordinary site. The web must also be of high quality. In the end, a quality web will support the company’s overall income. You surely need to benefit from the site reliability engineer when it comes to measuring the speed and performance of your site.

There are various criteria that can be used to determine the quality of a website. These criteria include weighty content, attractive design, or load time or load time of the website. Well, in this discussion, we will specifically discuss the website loading time and its impact on company revenue.

Don’t waste milliseconds of valuable time from your visitors by letting them wait too long to open your webpage. Yep, we talked a little about a millisecond, because the 2-second rule is outdated. Current users expect the page to load in the blink of an eye.

Website speed is known, then what should be done next? This, of course, depends on the results of website testing. If your site has good speed, you can just keep it. However, if it is included in the category of average or even very slow, inevitably the performance must be improved.

If a site that you manage is popular and has many regular visitors, it doesn’t hurt to use network technology. Regarding this one, there are various content delivery network (CDN) services that can be considered. The existence of this CDN service allows a site to communicate data quickly. Good when sending data in the form of videos, applications, images, etc. One CDN service that is often used by large companies is Amazon CloudFront which has been integrated with AWS services. With this complete translation, you certainly already know the importance of having a fast loading time for a website. The increase in speed does not have to be done drastically. For a website, increasing speed by 0.1 seconds difference is very meaningful.

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