How to Duplicate Keys with the Easiest Applied Soap

p style=”text-align: justify;”>For those who often lose their keys, if they don’t want to use a key duplicate maker, it’s good to make their own duplicate keys. With simple ingredients and patience, we can make our own backup key. Relax, now you can anticipate it by making a backup padlock. To get a backup key, you can make it independently at home very easily and don’t have to spend a lot of money. Apart from that, perhaps you need to hire the excellent automotive locksmith if you must open your locked door as soon as possible.

Okay, in this article I will discuss how to duplicate keys with soap, here’s how:

Materials needed

Bath soap.
The key that we will duplicate.
Thread for binding keys.
Cast material.
Cans (to melt cast material).

How to Duplicate Keys with Soap You Can Follow

Tie the key using a thread, then put the key on the soap and press until the key goes into the soap.
After the key goes into the soap, remove the key from the soap by pulling the thread that has been tied to the lock.

Heat cast material until it turns into a search using a tin.

After the cast material melts, print by pouring the liquid into the soap that already has the key pattern and wait for the liquid to harden and cool.

After hardening, remove the printed key from the soap and the key is ready for use.

That’s a simple way to make duplicate keys using soap, it’s very simple and the ingredients are easy to obtain besides we also get new knowledge about how to make keys. Although the above method looks rather complicated it doesn’t hurt to try it, to measure our creativity, besides measuring creativity it can also be a business opportunity if we are truly proficient at making a backup key.

In addition to using the above methods, we also experiment with other methods and materials such as:

Using isolative materials for matches and candles.

You can also use clay to print large size keys such as L keys, wrenches and others.

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