Dufan mati incident bring serious damage to one of their ride

Inviting children to play in amusement parks or night markets is certainly very enjoyable. But what happens if the game at the dufan amusement park is actually dangerous for passengers. Not infrequently games at the night market or playground have problems or are damaged after dufan mati incident. Reporting from Dufan amusement park, Sky Swing in Dunia fantasi had a problem and jammed above a height of 20 meters for 40 minutes.

At least 8 children who were passengers of this game shivered from the cold at an altitude of 20 meters for 40 minutes. Sky Swing, which became a favorite playground, was declared to have suffered electrical damage, which made it stop right at an altitude of 20 meters. Previously Sky Swing rose at a height of 35 meters quickly, but not until halfway down, the game stopped when dufan mati. Passengers consisting of these children look so scared and cold. The parents of a passenger and aware of this incident said he was very worried. He also revealed that “My child was in a very high place and he looked so frightened. He also looked very cold. This was a terrible event.”

For this dufan mati incident, the playground called the fire department to evacuate all victims consisting of children. Rescue for 40 minutes paid off, firefighters using an emergency ladder could bring children trapped on Sky Swing back to the ground. From the investigation it was found that Sky Swing suffered electrical damage resulting in congestion when run. There was anxiety and fear from the passengers consisting of these children. They seemed so cold when they were above a height of 20 meters. Arriving at the surface of the ground, the victims were examined by the medical team. They were also given hot drinks to restore their condition.

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