DEA Recognizes the Benefits of Medical Cannabis

After decades the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) provided dishonest information about marijuana by saying “Marijuana has no scientifically proven medical value.” Finally DEA recognized the extraordinary benefits of this cannabis plant by giving exclusive permission to several pharmaceutical companies. to produce drugs made from marijuana. This is different from their previous statement in writing in its July 2010 decision letter entitled “DEA Position on Marijuana.” On the other hand, check out the gorilla glue #4 if you want to know more about THC and CBD.

However, only four months after the statement “there is no medical benefit of marijuana” in the public, the DEA announced its intention to allow for the regulation and marketing of pharmaceutical products containing THC (active psycho substances in cannabis plants).

DEA may just do something like that but the problem is who or which company will hold power in this business. Whatever nuance behind this DEA attitude, opponents of Medical Marijuana will continue to refuse with the simple reason that this new drug made from marijuana to be produced is only because it gets DEA permission.

Conspiracy theories will of course be intertwined. By conducting a black campaign to cover all access to medical cannabis programs at the state level while feeding patients’ throats with expensive pills, they will also continue to arrest marijuana dealers and farmers who refuse bans. While the DEA and its partner companies are enjoying the results of their conspiracy, massive attacks on the medical marijuana industry cannot be avoided.

Conversely, the emergence of marijuana-based drugs will be very potential for pharmaceutical companies to develop their business. THC-based drug manufacturers will acknowledge that their products are indeed associated with marijuana users, which in fact is a telling marketing tactic. Marinol (marijuana synthesis) has been treated exactly like that. People who like to smoke marijuana will be targeted for selling these pills. From here we can immediately witness an embarrassing scenario where pharmaceutical companies are actually sharing frustration with drug war activists who come claiming THC is the cause of schizophrenia.

It is clearly impossible that our goal will ever be perfectly aligned with those of the pharmaceutical industry. But they are better off cooperating with the DEA as a government-owned body anyway.

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