The Connection of SEO and Digital Marketing

SEO is a way to enable a blog or product brand to be in a position or a strategic rank in a search engine. The strategic position in question is a position where internet users can instantly find a product brand, a keyword, or a website address in a search engine that they access. This position is nothing but the first page of search engine websites. Being on the first page of a search engine, blog, product, or keyword can be easily accessed. To be on the first page of the search engine, you can use the best new york seo.


Meanwhile, digital marketing is a marketing method that is run with the support of digital products such as various types of digital devices and internet facilities. This digital product will make it easier for consumers to interact with the online business. Applications from the use of digital marketing are more likely to refer to the use of online-based technologies such as social networking, websites, email, and many others. To support digital marketing activities, digital marketing players also use other promotional media such as banners, billboards, TV, radio, etc.

As the digital era progresses, various devices with Internet network support are preferred by consumers when compared to other common devices. These online-based tools are used to access the various information they need, including information about services or products. Not only that, consumers can also access various opinions about a product or service they are looking for.

All consumers want the best and trusted brand and quality. One way to get information about a product or service with the criteria they want is to search for it in a search engine. Well, here’s where the perpetrators of digital marketing role to meet the desires of their customers. With a website or blog, they can provide detailed information about the product, brand, or service they will be promoting. In order for their website to be easily viewed and accessed by visitors, their website must be on the first page of a search engine. Why should be on the first page? By being on the first page of the search engine’s web, visitors can instantly view your website with a record of the keywords you use according to the keywords written in the search field by visitors.

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