Choose Carpets For Small-Size Houses With These Two Tips

At present, there are indeed many people who have homes that are not too big. This causes them to decorate the house so well that it feels comfortable when they live. For that, one of the ways they use is to use carpets. However, clear carpet cleanliness must be maintained so that comfort at home can also be felt. Use the services of theĀ ultra brite carpet tile cleaning for proper carpet cleaning and according to what you want.

In addition, for homes with sizes that are not too large, then choosing the right carpet must be done. There are several tips for choosing a carpet for a house that is not too big. Some of the tips in question are

– The size of the carpet must be balanced with the size of the room
A size that is too small will give the impression as if only the decoration elements are original, and have no effect on the space as desired. Vice versa, the size of the carpet that is too large, instead of making the room comfortable and elegant, instead makes the space narrow and feels tight. Preferably, the maximum size of the carpet does not exceed half the area of ?the room. An effective way to determine the size of a carpet is to use furniture placement. Carpets for the dining room, at least enough size to be used as a dining table and dining chair. For the bedroom, the size of the carpet should be footwear when going up and down from the bed from all three sides.

– Adjust the motif of the carpet with the theme of the room
Plain or patterned? To determine the motif of the carpet, pay attention to space requirements. If the room is full of furniture, choose a plain carpet with 1 color, such as white and cream, so that the space feels more spacious. If the room is too plain with monotonous colors, choose a patterned carpet that can make the furniture on the carpet as a point of interest. Children’s bedrooms will be more cheerful with colorful playful motifs or cartoon images.

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