Cannabis is named the Medicinal Plant of 2018 in Austria

Austria has named marijuana as a medicinal plant in 2018. In the medical field, this plant is used for cancer treatment, pain relief, and muscle relaxation. Austria’s Herbal Medicinal Products Platform (HMPA), a scientific network in the field of herbal medicines, chooses marijuana as a medicinal plant in 2018. The choice of cannabis plants is based on various criteria, including recent studies, economic interests and their relationship with Austria. For treatment, extracts of this plant in cbd capsules can be purchased legally in Austria. Similarly, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and 20 US countries, marijuana or its active substances can be used medically. Cannabis is known as an intoxicating plant and also has medical benefits. Cannabis contains more than 400 elements which are currently still being studied. Research mainly focused on two active substances, namely THC and CBD.

The compound psychoactive drug THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is used in the treatment of cancer. THC has been shown to help fight nausea and increase appetite (for example for anorexia). In addition, THC can relieve pain and relax muscles. Cannabis has been used in the United States since the 1990s against spasticity and multiple sclerosis. Other elements that are almost completely psychoactive, cannabidiol (CBD), help epilepsy and early childhood schizophrenia. In addition, CBD is also used in bone marrow transplants, if a donor-to-recipient reaction occurs. In 2019, the first drug with active CBD materials will be launched on the Austrian market. Recently, a study by the University of Bonn and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has proven that small amounts of THC can slow the aging process of the brain. According to the 2017 World Drug Report, around 183 million people worldwide use marijuana. And in Germany, marijuana is the most used illegal drug. The main export countries for marijuana drugs are Morocco and Afghanistan.

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