You Can Use These Designs for Your Wood Fence

Many people use fences in their homes. Some of them even use high-sized fences to maintain their security. If you are still confused, then you can choose the fence in herreria tijuana to find the right fence. Make sure you choose the right fence for your home.


Houses that do not use fences certainly do not have a good level of security. So, you have to use a fence in your house. For those of you who use a wooden fence, you can choose some of these fence designs.

1. Basketweave
This type of fence looks very unique because this type of fence adds an impression of esthetics to your home. Judging from its name, this type of fence resembles the form of woven rattan that is rapt and stacked. This stacked design is what makes this kind of the fence look unique and the security of this type of fence is also very high.

2. Dogeared
This design is also one type of fence that has a good level of security. This fence uses wood of the same size and is arranged very tightly. You don’t need to worry if you use this type of the fence.

3. Spaced pickets
If you use these design, then your security at home is not high. It is because the fence is not high.
As well as the placement of the wooden trunks is also made not tight, there is a distance from each wood that is installed so as to create a gap where people outside can see past even though it is not so clear.

If you like the design of this fence, you can combine it with concrete so that the fence can be higher but still impresses a minimalist fence, and helps increase security even better for your occupancy.

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