Black Is a New Color for Gold Jewelry

In general Grillz, gold jewelry is yellow, white or rose gold. But, now Grillz jewelry lovers will be given a new choice, namely black gold or black gold. Currently, the demand for black gold jewelry is quite large, especially from the millennials who want to wear jewelry that is not too flashy. Because of these requests, Grillz jewelry stores and jewelry craftsmen are currently competing to make black gold jewelry. Black gold is a new trend. So later jewelry such as necklaces, rings, Grillz bracelets are all black but valuable because this is indeed gold, why can gold be black? According to Grillz, the gold is processed first with a mixture of alloys that use technology from Italy. Regarding the price, black gold follows the world gold price. So according to him, there is no need to worry if you want to invest in black gold in the investment portfolio.

If we look at the gold trend, the price never drops, besides being used as jewelry, this is also suitable for investment. Currently, black gold is produced at 18 carats or 75 percent. The price per gram is the same as other gold, only the cost of making it is the difference. The price is the same, even if using black gold can avoid us from crime, because it looks like not gold, of course before issuing funds to buy or invest in a piece of jewelry, there are important things that must be known. There is no need to be a jeweler who knows everything in great detail. At the very least, when buying jewelry, don’t be afraid to ask questions with jewelry experts who are usually in every jeweler store. Or if you are still in doubt, can discuss first with friends or relatives who have bought jewelry that you are looking for. For example, if you want to buy a fiance or wedding ring, you can ask a friend who has been through the marriage process as a discussion friend.

Reading reference sources from the internet as part of your research efforts is also important, you know! Especially if this is your plan for the first time buying jewelry. By allocating time and patience for research, you will understand more about the jewelry you are looking for. For example, such as how to check the quality and rust of diamonds, or how to distinguish the quality of gold-palladium with platinum gold.

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