Benefits of chiropractic therapy for Asthma

Research conducted in 2002 by Australian scientists reported that chiropractic manipulation can help to control asthma symptoms permanently thereby improving quality of life and health expenditure costs. Apart from that, you may want to call a professional chiropractor near your location Southside Jacksonville Chiropractor.

Clinical data and chiropractic analytical studies show that individuals with asthma who undergo chiropractic adjustments to spinal subluxation report many symptom improvements. Chiropractic adjustment of vertebral subluxation enhances immunological and endocrinological functions by removing barriers in the free flow of nerve energy.

Research shows that spinal subluxation can be a potential cause of asthma symptoms and a hyperactive immune system. Research conducted by R. Kessinger in 55 patients who were known to have asthma proved that spinal problems can affect the mechanism of immune defense (which leads to a hyperactive immune system or hypoactive immune defense mechanism) published in the Journal of Vertical Subluxation research. All asthma patients undergo upper chiropractic adjustment cervix for spinal subluxation and report improvements in symptoms and frequency of asthma attacks. In addition to improvements in clinical attacks, these patients also reported improved overall respiratory function.

RL. Graham conducted another study on 81 pediatric age children with frequent and frequent asthma attacks. Graham randomly included children in the range of 1 to 17 years for a 60-day chiropractic therapy session. After the appointed period, 91.1% reported a significant increase in symptoms. Nearly 30.9% needed less medication to manage remission and a decrease of 44.9% in the frequency of reported asthma attacks.

There are a number of potential benefits of chiropractic therapy in the management of asthma, making it a superior choice for medicine. Most asthma medications are good at decreasing the severity of symptoms; However, most drugs are less effective as preventive or prophylactic therapy. In addition, the cost of medicines and hospital therapy, defects caused by asthma attacks and restrictions on short physical activity fall asthma pharmacological therapy.

Compared to pharmacological options, chiropractic therapy offers lower rates of hospital admission, better systemic profiles, better health and productivity and lower requirements for drugs.

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