Avoid Some of These Mistakes When Using Makeup

Many women every day always use makeup. Various types of makeup are also present to meet the needs of women. All natural Makeup Online is one of the make-up that can be your reference when you are looking for natural makeup but still make your face look fresh and beautiful.

Besides that, unfortunately, there are many women who are not aware of mistakes when using makeup. Some mistakes that are not realized but are actually able to have a bad effect on the makeup that you use are

1. Directly use the foundation
Foundation or in the language of ‘beauty’ is called foundation, it must be used so that our makeup is perfect. However, the foundation has heavy ingredients for the face, so it can cause our faces to wrinkle quickly.
Plus when you move outdoors, your face will be exposed to sunlight. Keep in mind that sunlight emits ultraviolet light which can make our faces wrinkle. If you directly apply the foundation, then we move outdoors, countless how bad the impact.

2. Forgetting the neck, the back of the ear and the back of the neck
Perhaps this second point is very often encountered. Only wear makeup on the face. Tends to forget the neck, back of the neck and back of the ear.
If you just apply makeup on your face, you will look too much. Because our skin color is uneven. Well, even though we wear makeup that is not too thick, if we forget the three parts it will make us look uneven in using the makeup.

3. Forgetting the security that is on the face
Not all women like this. But some women might do this. That is to forget the shortcomings on the face such as acne scars, black eye circles or a slightly reddish face.
Even though the purpose of wearing makeup is to cover up deficiencies in the face. So, remember the main purpose of wearing makeup, to cover up the shortcomings in the face.

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