These Are 3 Tips To Start Your Apartment Investment

After you are determined to invest in the apartment business, the next step is to start. The steps that you can try to start an apartment investment can be found in this article and we will share them with you. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a good condo instead of an apartment in Singapore, the Piermont Grand is recommended.

Here are the 3 tips for your apartment investment:

1. Choose a trusted developer

When deciding to find an apartment for you to make as an investment, the first thing you have to do is dig up information about trusted developers and proven track records. Especially if you want to buy an apartment that has not been completed.

Once again make sure that the developer has credibility, legality, and commitment in realizing the “promise” of its development.

2. Be careful in choosing a location

The second thing you can do is determine the location where you will buy the apartment.

Generally, apartments are built in strategic locations, such as close to public facilities and facilities (stations, stops, hospitals, toll roads, schools) to business areas (malls and offices).

There are two types of areas that are usually chosen by developers to build apartments, namely prime area, and non-prime area, for example in the capital, the prime area in question is the location of apartments that are close to the CBD area.

Whereas the non-prime area is a location that is still not having much development. What distinguishes the two is the prime area capitalization rate is higher than the non-prime area which can affect property values and rental prices.

3. Pay attention to public facilities provided

Well, this is also important for those of you who want to invest in an apartment by renting it out.

Keep in mind that the public facilities provided are sufficient, this also affects the interest of prospective tenants in the apartment you have.

Usually, the public facilities that are the absolute criteria for apartment renters are;

Large parking area.
A qualified security system (CCTV, security staff, access card).
Sports facilities.
Fast / fast internet / wi-fi.

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